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Sep 21, 2020

When the idea of Basic Fitt was born we knew we wanted to be something more than just another retailer, we wanted to inspire people, make people feel the confidence we feel when we look in the mirror and we like what we see. Not just physically but who we see ourselves as, as a person, because mental health is such an important part of being healthy. A healthy mindset is the first step to a healthy life and that’s all we want, we want you, whoever you are, reading this to get to that healthier place, whatever that means for you!

And that’s where The MindShift Foundation comes into the picture, as we needed to find a foundation that we believe in, a foundation that makes us feel something, a foundation that aligns with our beliefs and values to dedicate ourselves and our business to. Because unfortunately we have seen what happens when someone loses the battle with mental health and although we couldn’t help them, we want to at least try to help someone else.

We have made the promise to ourselves and to you that 1% from each sale will be donated to The MindShift Foundation and their awareness campaigns. 

More about The MindShift Foundation

Elizabeth Venzin, the CEO and founder of The MindShift Foundation, noticed the rate of mental health in Australia was continually rising, despite everyone seemingly living better lives than ever before – thank you social media. With that in mind, in 2012 The MindShift Foundation was born.

To make the difference it needed to, The MindShift Foundation focusses its attention on Preventative Mental Health “Awareness to Action” campaigns, and also has a wide range of resources that encourage individuals to take the first step to create self-worth, positive wellbeing and strong mental health.

So how do they help?

Online Resources
Providing online information and resources on issues relating to self-worth and preventative mental health.

Awareness Brochures
The MindShift Foundation have over 200,000 brochures in GPs waiting rooms across Australia and are one of the the most picked up and read brochures.

Youth Education
The MindShift Foundation believe early intervention and education are paramount in preventing mental health. Their Self-Worth Teachers Toolkit is a course for students in year 7 & 8 that helps students take control of their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing with the long-term goal of reducing the risk of poor mental health later in life.

Book – MindShift To A Better Place
In February 2020 The MindShift Foundation launched their first book, titled MindShift To A Better Place, that acts as a guide to creating lasting change, self-worth and positive mental health. All proceeds made from the book are being reinvested into The MindShift Foundation so they can continue helping people live positive and fulfilling lives.

If you’d like to know more about The MindShift Foundation follow the link’s below

MindShift Foundation Website

MindShift Foundation Facebook

MindShift Foundation Instagram

MindShift to a Better Place Book

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